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The Lord of the Rings

Tolkien's and Peter Jackson's The Lord of the Rings is about the renunciation of power, of getting rid of the Ring. Evil must be destroyed - a mainstream Christian vision - and it must be destroyed in England. In Oxford perhaps?

Is Middle-earth really Wales? It looks that way on maps, except I can only show links like this.

This resemblance encouraged fans (and enterprising locals) in 2010 to think of Pontrhydfendigaid, near Tregaron, in Ceredigion as the Shire, which I suppose would make Cardiff Gondor and the Severn the Anduin. That England would be Mirkwood and Mordor works in very neatly with Welsh nationalism. So that is where the ring must be destroyed, no? In Tolkien's home town. Eh voilà, below is Mt. Doom, metaphorically speaking, of course - Merton College.


Since 2010, no other towns have stepped forward to compete with Pontrhydfendigaid, but there has been no action there either. Like the Shire itself really... Unless this is really Bree. Below is one of the two hotels - the Red Lion (the other is the Black Lion). One of them could serve as the Prancing Pony. Or not...


Photo of Merton College: Wikipedia/Ozeve.
Photo of Pontrhydfendigaid: Angella Streluk.

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