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The Murder of Alexander Litvinenko


Alexander Litvinenko was poisoned with Polonium-210 in London on November 1, 2006. He was dead three weeks later at the age of 43. Litvinenko blamed President Vladimir Putin for the poison in a statement released after his death. A spokesman for Putin declared that the assassination was most likely carried out by enemies who wanted to ruin Russia’s image. Putin himself said, Litvinenko was not on the Kremlin’s radar. Yet British police concluded that agents for Russia's FSB security service were responsible. Maybe the FSB wanted to send a message.

Was he worth killing?

Radiation-symbol   Yes. Litvinenko was a liar and a traitor. You think the Americans are any different?

Radiation-symbol   No. Never. He was only a white pawn in this chess game.

Radiation-symbol   Ambivalent. If you live by the sword, you die by the sword...

Radiation-symbol   I resent the way you phrase the question.

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