Sexual Fables

The White Rabbit's test



The answers are at bottom, below the image, with links offering explanations.

1. Name the first and last books of the Christian Bible (accurately).

2. Why is Odysseus (of the Odyssey) also known as Ulysses?

3. "Gospel" means what?

4. In the Judgment of Paris, which goddess did Paris choose?

5. What's the English name for Marie Madeleine?

6. Who wanted John the Baptist's head (and got it)?

7. Was there ever a female Pope, either in reality or in legend?

8. Mephistopheles is a 16th century name for whom?

9. Constantinople is now known by what name?

10. Who wrote Paradise Lost?

11. Was Casanova a real person?

12. What did Beethoven and Goya have in common?

13. Eugène Delacroix: French novelist or painter?

14. Who wrote the poem The Raven?

15. The Firebird is associated with the folklore of what country?

16. Name two ballets by Tchaikovsky.

17. Who made the film The Great Dictator?

18. Who directed the film Rear Window?

19. What is the difference between manga and anime?

20. Who was the bad guy in Disney's Beauty & the Beast?



1. Genesis and Revelation (not Revelations) (Link, link)
2. Greek name, Roman name (Link)
3. Good news
4. Aphrodite (Venus) (Link)
5. Mary Magdalene (Link)
6. Salome (Link)
7. Yes: Pope Joan (Link)
8. The Devil (Link)
9. Istanbul (Link)
10. Milton (Link)
11. Yes (Link)
12. Deafness (Link, link)
13. Painter (Link)
14. Edgar Allan Poe (Link)
15. Russia (Link)
16. He only did three: Swan Lake, Sleeping Beauty, The Nutcracker (Link)
17. Chaplin (Link)
18. Hitchcock (Link)
19. Manga is print; anime is video (Link)
20. Gaston (Link)

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