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Jane Austen's Bath

Bath was Austen's home from 1801 to 1806 but she never liked the city. Still, she partially set Northanger Abbey and Persuasion here. The Circus (below) is a famous and representative example of the Georgian architecture the city is known for. It was begun in 1754 and completed in 1768 during the city's heyday, when the portrait and landscape painter Thomas Gainsborough lived here and completed The Blue Boy.

The Circus in Bath

The Circus links The Royal Crescent (shown immediately below) which was built slightly later, and the house where the Austens lived briefly after Jane's father died - on Gay Street (shown at bottom). It branches off from The Circus and runs down to Queen Square. The Jane Austen Centre is at 40 Gay Street, and the house that the Austens lived in is at number 25 (it's privately owned).



Middle photo: seier+seier; bottom photo: Stephen McKay.

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