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The Judgment of Paris

Goethe in Italy

Goethe in Campagna (1787) by Tischbein, a German painter who spent many years in Italy. This is arguably Goethe's most famous portrait. At bottom is his garden in Weimar.

Goethe in Campagna by Tischbein

Goethe Garden in Weimar

The large garden, some of which is shown above, is at the rear of the Frauenplan house in central Weimar. The garden was mostly tended by his wife Christiane but it inspired some of Goethe's research and writings, including the botanical treatise The Metamorphosis of the Plant. On the other side of the house is the square.

He lived in the house for 50 years, from 1782 till his death in 1832 and it is now the Goethe National Museum (link). Photo: Andreas Trepte, Marburg.

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