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From Russia with Love


Do you believe in anything really? Politics maybe.

Everyone is a potential enemy in Russia and Litvinenko had many enemies. What is so revealing about his allegations about Putin being a pedophile is that they emerged a week after Putin had kissed the little boy (here). Is that where Litvinenko got the idea?

So that makes Litvinenko an opportunist, an otritsatelnyi geroi. This is your ballet...


Litvinenko realized the assassins would be coming for him and less than 5 months later, he was dead from Polonium-210 poisoning. But we can't be sure that Putin or the FSB killed him since it was such a sloppy job. Cynics would say that some overheated imaginations got to work at this point:

“Sasha (Litvinenko) remembered the man making him a cup of tea...His belief is that the water from the kettle was only lukewarm and that the polonium-210 was added, which heated the drink through radiation so he had a hot cup of tea. The poison would have showed up in a cold drink.” Oh please...

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