Sexual Fables

Caterpillar's Test



The answers are at bottom, below the image. The links offer explanations.

1. Which Classical Greek figure is the icon of the transgendered community?

2. Did Odysseus have a son called Telegonus acording to the ancient legends?

3. The Quintessence: what was another name for it?

4. The Alchemists' Bible was called what? Clue: a precious jewel.

5. The scallop shell is a traditional religious symbol for what?

6. Blessed Reginald's Dream is associated with which Catholic order of monks?

7. Louis the XIV (the Sun King) and Madame de Maintenon had a "morganatic" marriage. What does this refer to?

8. In Milton's Paradise Lost, Satan commits incest with his daughter, Sin. What's their child's name?

9. The yurodivy means a "Holy Fool" in which country's art, music and literature?

10. Does the Rashomon Gate exist today?

11. Which great German poet became a recluse in a tower for more than 30 years?

12. Picasso's Angel Fernández de Soto: man or woman?

13. The Bronze Horseman is a famous poem by Pushkin set in which city? Kiev, Moscow or St. Petersburg?

14. The great Russian painter of landscapes: Isaak Levitan or Ilya Repin or Viktor Vasnetsov?

15. Who wrote The Seven Lady Godivas: Agatha Christie, Dr. Seuss or Mark Twain?

16. Whose painting did Mark Twain describe as "the foulest, the vilest, the obscenest picture the world possesses"?

17. The famed Takarazuka troupe hail from near which city: Kyoto, Osaka or Tokyo?

18. Mary Westmacott was a pseudonym for which English writer?

19. T.S. Eliot is buried in one of the villages named in The Four Quartets: which one? Burnt Norton, East Coker or Little Gidding?

20. Which flower became the official flower of the United States in 1986?



  1. Tiresias (link)
  2. Yes, with Circe (link)
  3. Ether or the Fifth Element (link)
  4. The Emerald Tablet (link)
  5. Catholic pilgrimage (link)
  6. Dominican (link)
  7. Marriage between a royal and a "commoner" (link)
  8. Death (link)
  9. Russia (link)
10. No (link)
11. Hölderlin (link)
12. Man (link)
13. St. Petersburg (link)
14. Levitan (link)
15. Dr. Seuss (link)
16. Titian - his Venus of Urbino (link)
17. Osaka (link)
18. Agatha Christie (link)
19. East Coker (link)
20. Rose (link)

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