Sexual Fables

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Dreaming the Virgin Mary

Aurora Consurgens

Saint Dominic's experience drinking Mary's breast milk made its way into alchemical illustrated manuscripts like the Aurora Consurgens ("Dawn Rising"), from the 1420's. This is one of the most remarkable works I have ever seen. Once attributed to Thomas Aquinas, now it's to a writer called the "Pseudo-Aquinas." Such manuscripts were produced for rich patrons who themselves liked to dabble in alchemy. Make of it what you will.


The image below shows what appears to be a woman giving birth, surrounded by the Zodiac signs. The image below that shows the Sun and Moon fighting with lances - is this the first image ever of pubic hair?



As for Saint Dominic, other traditions grew up around him instead, such as assigning him the origin of the Rosary (literally "rose garden"), after an apparition by the Virgin Mary. Religious scholars reject such fanciful ideas...

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