Sexual Fables

Alice's Test



These are True/False questions. The answers are at bottom, below the image. The links offer explanations.

1. Helen of Troy and Paris (who eloped with her) were both married (to other people).

2. Odysseus went back to his wife at the end of the Odyssey.

3. The holy relics of Mary Magdalene are in the south of France.

4. Virgo is the Zodiac Sign of the Virgin Mary.

5. The Immaculate Conception refers to Jesus' conception.

6. Peeping Tom became famous for ogling Lady Godiva.

7. There are Zodiac Signs in the great medieval cathedrals of Europe.

8. "Courtesan" is the feminine form of "Courtier."

9. The film The Lion in Winter is about Henry VIII and his wives.

10. The Divine Comedy is another name for Dante's The Inferno.

11. "Icons" is just another word for "images."

12. Chaucer was accused and charged with rape.

13. Jean Cocteau, who directed La Belle et la bête, suffered from facial eczema.

14. The Nutcracker is a Russian story.

15. The poet Tennyson wrote The Lady of Shalott.

16. Virginia Woolf's Orlando was about a woman, not a man.

17. The lesbian novel The Well of Loneliness was a tribute to Virginia Woolf and Vita Sackville-West.

18. The royal Mariinsky Ballet was later renamed the Kirov Ballet.

19. The Rose of Versailles is a famous Japanese manga.

20. The Protoevangelium of James is a famous Japanese manga.



  1. T   (link)     11. T   (link)
  2. T   (link)     12. T   (link)
  3. T   (link)     13. T   (link)
  4. T   (link)     14. F   (link)
  5. F   (link)     15. T   (link)
  6. T   (link)     16. F   (link)
  7. T   (link)     17. F   (link)
  8. T   (link)     18. T   (link)
  9. F   (link)     19. T   (link)
10. F   (link)     20. F   (link)

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